“   Eh? No, I don’t know if it’s block number nine.”

“To be perfectly safe ask for the state o’ the art.”

“You see my tongue can’t tell if the speech made me dumb.”

“The defense will maintain you could not see his face.”

“But even a fool would color within the line.”

“The effort to connect wrecked her entangled heart.”

“Sweet Jesus, I feel trapped in a rat basket case.”

“His age gives him away, in his cube he’s all thumbs.”

“Do I have to repeat it like a magic spell?”

“Some jaywalker looked up just in time from his txt.”

“Okay, I hear you say, it was not very nice.”

“An element of doubt echoes in every cell.”

“I’m embarrassed to confess I can’t stay alone.”

“She’s engaged for a day while he checks her broadband.”

“   Oh! The three nines upside down are six, six, six.”

“The peas hang in the pod like Batman’s own device.”

“The queue wraps all the way around, what can I do?”

“Where are you calling from? You’re hard to understand.”

“The essence of white soul is doing what you’re told.”

“Our tee time is at nine if I leave them at school.”

“Yeah, you know all the words but you still never learn.”

“The vehicle you want is much more wholly you.”

“Just double use of peak cavity network load.”

“Your exit strategies externalize return.”

“But why does everyone obey their neighbors’ rule?”

“Well, Zeno said you can get only half way home.”

Solely White

Trap figures in process