She already has a boyfriend.

Smash the diamonds with a hammer.

Keep him tied up for the weekend.

They can’t hold him in the slammer.

Baby sister melts like chocolate.

Can’t stop pacing in the office,

Sofa sleeps in furry blankets.

Down on the farm, muck the horses.

The world you see, the world you dream,

Defend, create, hallucinate,

All you know true, what grace makes you.

Flashover in the controlled burn

Finds asylum with his father.

It’s fat city for the bird man.

Police ask are you guys lovers?

Agents listen in the crawlspace.

Kicked the door in, swears the landlord.

Oscilloscope traces sound waves.

Clear the balance. Take the records.

The still small voice beneath the noise

That reads your mind demands your rights.

Nobody knew where grace takes you.

Crowds of people want to steal it.

With a hacksaw cut the barrel.
Insulation muffles secrets.

Block hypnosis with tin foil.

Drive by in the Toronado.

Why did you molest your daughter?

Fixer upper in the ghetto

Can’t afford the guns and lawyers.

Can’t comprehend you understand.

The two-faced friend is one of them.

What else is new? Grace forsakes you.

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