2011, mixed media, dummy heads approx 6”H

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Their works prove their faith they in grace are elect.

The triple X cross the unfaithful reject.

He knows before time how each one will decide

To choose to believe or be cast in the fire.

The child full of pride will demand

Answers he cannot understand.

False science asserts man descends from an ape.

To confound the skeptic he fossils creates.

He gives to his children dominion o’er earth

And destroys the heathen his glory to serve.

His reasons are not known to man.

We must place our trust in his plan.

Perfect from the void in his image forms man,

And unleash the serpent to tempt them to sin,

Till plague war and famine shall cut short their days

And in desolation keep singing his praise.

Obey without thought his command

And live fore’er at his right hand.