2011, mixed media, dummy approx 24”H

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I’m not pinocchio.

This isn’t real, you know.

It’s just a picture show

On video.

He writes a play to star the child

Who works as a carpenter a while.

Up on the beam he has to die

To come alive.

You tell me it’s alright.

When can I go outside?

Don’t leave me here at night.

Turn on the light.

I have no eyes but you can see

Inside what I’m supposed to be

So cut away what is not me

And set me free.

You say it will not hurt.

You say it could be worse.

You say I am the first

To hear the word.

The trunk is milled or left to rot.

The jamb is nailed and then torn out.

The puppet’s carved and kept or not

After the shot.

Will this be over soon?

Is this where I was born?

Don’t leave me here alone.

Let me go home.