The angels hark his star but wise guys and shepherds are no more.

A newborn knows to long for what he’s never known to long for.

In their mirror he learns not to expect cracks of light in the door.

Following formula they pray for the spangled night so deep.

The fair babe agitates his perfect depravity.

Only he correctly got every one of the hosts’ questions.

Was he good enough that the father was well pleased in his son?

No, the best were recalled. He’s just proud he did not stumble once.

Pass under to the rock and feel the center of voice unseen.

The bright boy undertakes to fulfill the prophecy.

He vaults from a fortress of vipers to hang around with John.

In the wild doves alight when the blotter dissolves on his tongue.

Past eyelids orange sunshine of the bomb or baton or napalm

Baptized by babbling bursts in the air that blow the freak flag free.

Wasted youth desecrates the temple of anarchy.

The high priests butcher the willing flesh but his will will be done.

He kneels to an ideal mind from the machine he makes alone.

He’ll show you, true and false incarnate, old laws are overthrown.

The madman hot pokers his vision before he’s thirty-three.

The young man simulates singular reality.

At the last meeting they take, focus, execute, and assess.

They don’t need a prophet. Disciples cross-license consensus.

Got his thirty pieces. An inside traitor is just business.

“Drain the cup. Kiss my cheeks. I betray you as you betray me.”

The grown man cooperates to compete successfully.

The carpenter nails his triple cross of failure, fortune, fame.

Can’t sell back the birthright to repeal the lash he’s born again.

Take and leave him, he can’t pretend he’s the wanted forsaken

Child’s face, thorn adorned, gone missing and stapled to a tree.

The old man ruminates passions of futility.

The rebel dies outside on the hills where defects are exposed,

Loved at last when the mud sucks him out after the coffin’s closed,

Safe as sound electrons carry out the last song he composed,

As boxed and swaddled and unbound in the night as a baby.

The dead man dissipates his dust to eternity.