Those the lion loves the most

he takes into his heavenly host.

The flawed ones stay behind to toast

a dangling dancing baby ghost.

What lion tamer could reach in that maw,

or what tortured prophet or arrogant priest,

snatch, weigh, measure, find wanting it all,

and wanting so much, be caught and released.

His pure x-ray eye holds insects abhorred.

His light shines right through their skeletal shame.

Loathsome, hung over the pit by a cord,

Only his hand keeps them from the flame.

One stray ray and a sun spot grows.

Predestined seed of sin will spread.

Knots need Dutchmen to save the holes.

They slash or poison or radiate it dead.

Peep into reduction, they see nothing yet.

Needles in navels and nipples will prick.

The easy die young so they play hard to get.

Some more marsh mallows inflame on a stick.

The king decrees, there are no babies live or dead.

The madman cries, what are these babies in my head?

The lion purrs, with these babies I am fed.

Not to see what is within, the father

drinks the dregs and seeds the furrow.

Not to hear them scream, the prophet

flings his flesh beneath the harrow.

With nothing much to say, the lion

cracks the bones and sucks the marrow.

Hide it under that bullshit, no,

the priest will lose his mind.

Beyond good and evil the son will know

babies deaf dumb and blind.

Blinded, by the fires of Babylon,

the young ones duck and cower,

remembering the melting down

under its cooling tower.

Over the volcano a halo hovers.

The lion’s muzzled, the king is crowned,

the madman caged, the babies drowned

beneath the lake of lava.

Deafened by the drum and Moloch’s roar,

if the children are not saved by grace,

fling them through the furnace door

and toss them where the lions pace.

Struck dumb in the middle of next week,

none born of woman in no sin of man

finds evil he can hear or see or speak.

Deny the sense and rejoice the plan.

Grainy and wrinkled like fruit set to drop,

fat boy’s belly and boobs are ready to pop.

Death and damnation become trinity,

break open the vessel to speak hear and see

god man and beast in feared symmetry.