Step 1:

Seduced by belly butt and breast, the liar he lays in lust, he trusts they turn away.

He jawbones like an ass, freezes his impediment.

“You’ll never get a decent job if you don’t cut your hair.”

Step 2:

He breaks rope and reed, but debraided and chained, he is bound blind and broken.

Mocked, he knows too the millstone, merry going round the music cog machine.

Red queen Mary and white king check mates, turn back to the child,

sandwiched by ghost baby robot jars bearing the weight of the word wills world.

The book binds his hair unfettered shredded illegible.

Step 3:

His rage brings down the doggone god gone house of Dagon, the temple of skulls.

Cracking stones break bones.

Crushed by commandments, it all comes down on him.

Or, falls free aside, and he rises through fracture and fissure born and born again.