What monster god commands to kill the son?

Feathered serpent and fallen angel taunt to tear the faith.

Mount Moriah with fire wood and knife,

the pyramid where bird eats snake,

spread eagled altar ego on the cross to come.

Upon the pentagram to fall, still born in no sin,

you must be putting me on halo blossom sun.

On David’s star keep covenant,

circumcise, baptize, demonize, exorcise.

Viney legs twine quetzal color

leaves flames feathers and tufts of stick stone eyes.

Blest be the tie pale wrist and fatted calf encircle.

Anklet and bracelet adorn sarcophagi.

Ram its horn in the thick of it.

Murder flees to cleave the holy and cling the ark.

Bulrush belly bassinet holds womb and tomb,

curled fetal jade turtle in the deep end font held fast.

Offer fire next time, burnt and bound for glory.

No angel stayed, abandoned alive alone,

staked out for the birds.

Any questions answer gods will provides.