The Secret Miracle


"He did not work for posterity, nor even for God, of whose [aesthetic] preferences he possessed scant knowledge. Meticulous, unmoving, secretive, he wove his lofty invisible labyrinth in time."

The Secret Miracle, Jorge Luis Borges

In Borges' The Secret Miracle, a failed writer facing execution prays for time to complete his final work. At the instant before his death, everything except his consciousness stops for an entire year, and he is able to finish his greatest work, entirely in his own mind. After my miserable childhood, how I avoided self-destruction is not a miracle, but simply inexplicable.  No one, god or human, interceded to save me, but somehow I now have time and means to do work about miracles that never happened. Making these pieces to repeat memories I can't explain through retelling Bible stories I don't believe has a circularity reminiscent of Borges, but as much as you perceive the resulting objects, they are not entirely in my own mind.

Untitled (Menlo Park, California), 2008