Someone hums a monotone

hymn in her pliant kitchen.

Open hard the monolith

which holds fast the condiments.

Stick his head in the ice box,

snatch and gulp a late morsel.

Shut that door, don’t let the chill

go to waste. Spoil your supper.

The prophet gnashes his teeth,

“Who hid my pepperoni?”

We prefer our simple food,

we don’t need something fancy.

Get enough? Was it good?

How was the presentation?

Break the seal, refrigerate

Leftover expiration.

Satisfy the multitude

with stale loaves and stinking fishes.

Dip the bread into the sup,

our furtive bites betray us.

Cut the fattened salami

to handle a hungry john.

There’s a mess served better cold,

Replenished each desert morn.

Eat, mixed media, 2012, figure about 6” H.