Have no other gods, but give thanks we’re white,

we live by the law, our country is right,

his word reveals our predestination,

because we live in a Christian nation.

Worship no idols, but celebrity,

The trophy winner, the authority,

Made visible on our TV station,

Broadcasting live from this Christian nation.

Take no name in vain, queers and fags and dykes,

Commies and rag heads, kikes mud people spics

Gooks and wetbacks are direct quotations

Of how we talk in our Christian nation.

Keep the Sabbath but watch the superbowl,

Stop for fast food on the drive to the mall.

After the week we need recreation,

That’s how we live in a Christian nation.

Honor the parents, but spank the children,

Teach them they’re sinful or just ignore them,

Raise them up fearful for their salvation,

Make no mistake it’s a Christian nation.

You shall not murder, but defensive wars,

Ghetto drug dealers, those baby killers

And threats of terror need eradication,

Sinners be damned in a Christian nation.

No adultery but divorce and remarry,

Affairs with our aides, play men’s room footsie,

Forgive as we’re led into temptation

As we forgive in a Christian nation.

You shall not steal but use up five times earth,

Fill up the tank and spend next century’s worth,

For we deserve this appropriation,

The founders gave us a Christian nation.

Untitled (Bay Bridge, Oakland, California), 2010

Don’t bear false witness, it’s the poor’s own fault,

His planet is fine, it can all be bought,

Over all he gave man domination,

The destiny of our Christian nation.

You shall not covet, new car, bigger house,

Promotions, wardrobes, and the neighbor’s ass,

For our hard work it’s small compensation,

As we are blessed in the Christian nation.