Our tangled pair bubbles out from a point,

Till the dark mass pulls us in to rejoin.

Space winds up time in a place we can stay,

Red shift of light can’t diminish the day.

I only grieve so I find you anew.

I only leave so I fall back to you.

Once we were one in the hot salty sea,

Split but the code sits in our memory.

Ere the begats that the garden expelled

You were my sister on African veldt.

I only see as I look through you too.

I’m only free as I bind fast to you.

Slip of a girl and a boy tongue-tied tall

Kiss inside us through our grown up disguise.

Tucked in below children long to recall

Two old folks young in their soft focus eyes.

I only cry so the tears clear my view.

I’d only die so I rest next to you.