I got alarms and insurance, police with guns and lawyers.

You got no work, on the corner, with gangs and pimps and dealers.

You don’t want to fill the jails and graveyards? Then don’t do the crime,

but hey, I got mine.

I send my kids to college preps, adventure trips, the ivy’s.

You got cutback crowded bookless dank dropout pens with drive-by’s.

Better buckle down and study hard so no child’s left behind,

but man, I got mine.

Clean my toilets, fix my dinner, blow my leaves and mow my lawn,

cross the border, work for nothing, cause it’s better than your home.

Don’t know how to speak your language, but good help is hard to find,

and yes, I got mine.

Do a startup, and get acquired, sell all the stock before the loss.

Corporation has to right size, offshore, downsize, and outsource,

leaves the people standing on the unemployment welfare line.

You know I got mine.

My investments cut the rates on dividends and capital gains.

You work two jobs, withhold your tax, from what’s nearly minimum wage.

The whole system’s a Ponzi scheme engineered to rob you blind,

because I got mine.

Own a big house on an acre, couple shady blocks from town.

Sell you loans you cannot pay for, adjustable, no money down.

Soon you’re bankrupt, in foreclosure, and they told you where to sign.

But then, I got mine.

Got three cars to drive for pleasure, the leisure to bike or walk.

Stuck in traffic on the freeway, can’t afford to live near work,

spend hours on the busses and trains they won’t make run on time.

It’s true, I got mine.

Untitled (Fort Klamath, Oregon), 2010

Fill my tank and fill my larder with the spoils of empire.

Go defend the global market from the endless war on terror.

Lose your life or lose your freedom with some shrapnel in your spine,

but yet I got mine.

I worry for kids and grandkids with peak oil and global warming.

Population pressure leads to drought, war, disease and famine.

You better head for higher ground as the ocean levels climb.

You bet I got mine.