There were nine and ninety, I must be the other one.

Shepherd never saved me.  Figured I was on my own.

Wrap your body round me ‘cause I get crazy alone.

I got the insecure attachment blues.

Sower throws his seed out on the rock and on the dirt.

Devil must have took me ‘cause I never heard the word.

Tell me you adore me even when I give you hurt.

I got the avoidant attachment blues.

Miller takes the harvest, separates the wheat and chaff.

Fisher hauls the net in, keeps the good, discards the bad.

Keep me close and distant when I make you cry and laugh.

Got the ambivalent attachment blues.

Master hands out talents, never coming back for mine.

Don’t kill the fatted calf, rather sit here with the swine.

Give me adulation, if it’s not what I have earned.

Got the disorganized attachment blues.

Builder plans the tower, but I cannot follow through.

Walk on Samaritan, I’m too needy to need you.

Forgive crucifixion, for I don’t know what I do.

I got the insecure attachment blues.

Untitled (Crater Lake, Oregon), 2010 (soon after completing Cleft)