Plato’s Cave


Knotsady, 2005, poplar, 3”H

"[Socrates] To them, I said, the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images."  Plato, The Republic

This work spans about six years, and ranges from functional furniture to art furniture to sculpture. The earlier objects are  formal geometric variations on compound curve surfaces which interpolate curved and straight edges. In Caryatable, the permutation looked like anthropomorphic and organic forms, which I used in the subsequent steam bent and laminated pieces. The yin yang moebius of LoveHateSeat gave me the idea of generating form from symbols, such as in Coniunctio Sextus, which in turn led me to use polychrome dyes. The later work blends formal, organic, and symbolic forms with references to historical furniture, art, and indigenous styles. I find it useful to pretend to be a Platonist while working, and to hope that I am fashioning shadows of an ideal form. Perhaps after working for whatever time I have left,  these shadows will better approximate the images which cast them.