The sun climbs and sinks

As the moon grows and shrinks

And the light of day dims

Till the night never ends.

Feel the pulse beat and still,

See the chest fall and fill,

As the eyes open up

And then shut.

Go round the years.

Go round the spiral of stars.

He goes back in time

Where he finds him a child

Who has grown to become

The old man who returns.

So the boy craves the youth

Who then clings to the man

While he saves what he can

From the truth.

Go round again.

Go round a world without end.

All suffer alive,

For they suffer desire,

But desire can’t attach

To what walks on the path.

There’s no right for the wrong

But kindness undoes harm

So the toll is forgone

Not reborn.

Go round to be.

Go round before memory.