At the counter in the Cozy

Corner Sweet Shop tough guys order

cherry coke.

On the sidewalk, what a retard,

marbles talk when frozen hard he

makes you choke.

In the doorway by the Playboys

pinball girl waits with no idea

what you hope.

Cement pressure straightens your ribs,

jackets your arms, can’t remember

when you broke.

Big kids ball game, no one gets it,

down the storm drain, reach for what’s stuck

in the throat.

Easy vendor, in the store won’t

dare the name for box of Marbro’s

that you smoke.

Tune to lyrics of the gutter,

words your father’d wash the Bible

clean as soap.

Time you turn on losers, loners,

mock them, push them, blind sweet rushing

power woke.

Steal the album, poke the faggot,

kick the door in, crazy, let in

on the joke.

In the backseat, wine and reefer,

freakin’ funny how you ask for

nother toke.

Wasted, too late, kill the bottle

lens of streetlight, toss the empty

down the slope.

Wipe out the bike, OD on smack,

shot up or knifed, blow off the wake,

someone spoke.