Got a hard candy stuck blue in his throat.

Grab him by the legs, shake that demon out.

Run out of the house and climb up the cliff

That dangles the boy and says make a wish.

He’ll break from her grip but not abandon

The spire inside stacked like a totem.

The mountain’s old man won’t stir from his snooze.

Wives cleave to husbands, not the child they lose

Who’s caught on the rock between the hard face,

Raised high by the heels and dipped in grey grace.

Dredge up the lizard wedged in a crevice.

Turn tail to worship the church of abyss.

Can’t say so won’t say the vow of the cold,

Hard, wet and hungry hole’s ace beats the fold.

Full grown to hold stone that used to pound fear,

His prayer’s solitaire works in the beast’s lair.

His fat hibernates and waits for no thaw,

Looks out from the maw for the saint’s arrows.